S R Global school is working under the aegis of SR Group institution.

Founder of the Group is Shree Pawan Singh chauhan a visionary, an educationist who believes in the all round devlopment of children.

The Global School Nine Gems model is a proprietary tool, which is an integrated holistic approach towards facilitating all-round character building and learning opportunities for students.

The model balances academics with personality development, nurturing values and qualities of leadership & entrepreneurship, excelling in sports and performing arts, and instilling ethics & discipline with the spirit to serve.

The academic calendar and extra-curricular activities at GIIS are planned in a manner to provide students with enriching learning opportunities towards developing their overall personality. The Global School Nine Gems model acts as a catalyst for delivering a holistic educational experience for students across all levels.

SR GLOBAL School education prepares students to be intelligent, innovative and international; to be responsible and compassionate leaders who place the welfare of others before self and who are willing to embrace the challenges of our century as opportunities to make a difference. We believe that every child is a valued member of our School. Each child is seen as a capable, competent and active participant in his or her own learning journey..