School is a place, normally develops agony in the mind of children and they feel insecure themselves amongst unknown faces, probably the cause due to which children does not like to come to the school happily apart from other many do’s and don’ts.

The prime aim of the SR Global School is to attract the children to come to the school happily. This is ensured by providing friendly atmosphere affectionate dealing, activity based quality teaching and above all good ambience and suitable infrastructure. We firmly believe that education develops culture by inculcating value, ethics and principles enlightens with the philosophy of life which enables to differentiate between good and evils and helps in developing sound ideas and better vision. In SR Global School we introduced these ideas gradually through various activities in teaching as well as through different programs, functions and celebrations with utmost care and devotion.

The huge success of SR Global School within the limited span of time of 2 years would not be possible without the faith and support of parents. I admire and acknowledge it with expecting the continuance of same in future. The heartfelt support of management and staff is hidden hand assisted us in shaping the success in desired direction.